After a brave and heartfelt show that drew in over 10 million votes, Olly was a well deserved runner up to this years X Factor 2009 Winner, Joe McElderry.  This year’s X Factor was the most successful yet, with average audiences of around 14 million tuning in to catch the live shows, and an estimated 20 million for Sunday night’s final.

After a storming night on Saturday, Olly was first through to the final two closely joined by Joe, but it was the end of the road for Olly’s close friend and fellow contestant, Stacey Solomon.

Onto Sunday night’s Grand Final Showdown, the night opened with the X Factor 12 performing Take That’s ‘Never Forget’.  Then it was finally time for Olly and Joe to flex their vocals in a head to head battle for the title with two performances lined up:


Choosing their favourite songs from the X Factor finals, Olly was up singing ‘Twist and Shout’ from Movie Week while Joe chose ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ from Rock Week.  As the crowd chanted Olly’s name, Louis said, “Olly you always, always, always entertain us … you’re bubbly, you love music, you’re sexy and Olly, you’re a born, born showman”.  Simon rounded off by saying, “What people love about you is the fact that you are fearless, you always put on a great show, that was fantastic!”.


Following the formulaic approach with previous years winner songs, this year’s X Factor 2009 Winner’s Single was a cover of the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana movie smash hit ‘The Climb’.  Both contestants put on a great performance with completely differing styles …


The rest of the show was filled with a number of guest celebrity appearances.  First up it was the previous X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and runners up JLS performing a medley of ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Everybody in Love’, followed by Leona Lewis with her cover of the Oasis track ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’.  The rest of the guest performances came from George Michael with his latest Christmas single ‘December Song’, and then Paul McCartney rounding things off nicely with ‘Drive My Car’ and ‘Live and Let Die’.


As the lights dimmed and silence crept across the studio, Dermot finally announced to that Joe had won the X Factor.  Olly, a gent to the end, told Dermot that he was massively proud and that “Joe’s been phenomenal every week … he deserves every minute of it”.

The X Factor 2009 Winner’s Single will be released on Wednesday 16th December, but fans can get The Climb on MP3 download until the CD release later this week.  The single will also feature two bonus tracks – ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’.

All that remains to be said is what a brilliant series it has been, and there’s absolutely no doubt when we say “Watch This Space” – Olly will be back!!!

Check out Olly’s performances below:

Olly Murs Singing Can You Feel ItWith just one show remaining before next weeks all important X Factor Final the nerves were well and truly kicking in for all the contestants.  Tonight’s performances needed to be nothing short of spectacular to guarantee their place in the final three.

Opening the show, Olly started with the Jackson 5’s “Can you Feel It”.  Dressed all in white, Olly gave another confident performance and all the judges agreed:

Louis – “People need to vote for Olly, because he deserves to be in the final”

Danni – “We can all feel it in the room tonight … not only do you have the whole package, but you were in fact grabbing the package” (again referring to the infamous Olly buldge).  She went on to say, “If you pull out two performances like that, you have to be in the final”.

Simon “Do you know what I loved about tonight Olly, you should have been a bag of nerves … but you put on a great show … you look like a star, you’ve got the presence of a star, I just cannot imagine you not being there next week”.

Olly Murs Singing We Can Work It OutNext, the contestants had a free choice, with Olly chosing to sing “We Can Work It Out” by the artist that got him so spectacularly through his first ever audition – Stevie Wonder.  First to the stage again, Olly sang his heart out with his last chance to secure his place in the finals.

After the performance, Louis said, “Another great performance, you’re consistent every week … I like the fact that you didn’t pick a very well known song”.  He then went on to say, “… you remind me a little bit of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai”.

Danni wasn’t so sure though, “I’m not sure that that song showed the best of your vocal ability … but you know what, if I was sitting at home now next to a phone, I’d pick it up”.

Simon thought that Olly, “thoroughly, thoroughly deserve your place in the final next week and I think you’ll be there”.

After a nailbiting finish, Olly’s name was the first contestant to be put through to next week’s final!

Olly Murs is no stranger to television and once appeared as a contestant on Noel Edmond’s popular TV quiz show, Deal or No Deal.  Screened two years ago on Thursday 13th December 2007, Olly clearly showed early signs of that confident swagger we’re all so used to.  When his name was called out to come to the chair by Noel, Olly treated the TV audience to a few of his dance moves before giving them a flash of his boxers!

Despite his major success in the X Factor, Olly’s ride on the Deal or No Deal chair was not so smooth – he came away with a tenner!  However, despite the bad run of luck on the show, Noel said to Olly, “Every now and again we meet a special person on the show, and you do not have failure written over you … it’s been a real pleasure to meet you and I’m going to miss you Olly”.

See if you can beat Olly’s tenner play Deal or No Deal online now.

The Show

Olly made a good start by getting rid of the 50p, £1, £15,000, £3,000 and £5,000 boxes.  He then received an offer from the Banker for £13,500 which he NO DEAL’d.  In round 2, things didn’t go so well for Olly when he managed to reveal the £20,000, £100 and £50,000 boxes, but the Banker offered him the same prize money, £13,500; NO DEAL!

Turning things around in the third round he nailed a set of blue boxes: 10p, £500 and £5.  This time, the Banker upped his third offer to £22,000, to which Olly said “NO DEAL”.  As can sometimes happen on the show, Olly’s luck went from bad to worse and he went on an unsuccessful spree of hitting the big money boxes.  First the £250,000, then the £75,000 and £35,000.  Each time the Banker’s offer went down, from £3,500 to £1,000 when Olly knocked out the £100,000, £50 and £250.  Olly turned down the £1,000 Banker’s offer and only had the £10,000 laying somewhere in the unopened boxes.

By round 6, Olly was at break point as the £750 and 1p were revealed and then he hit the £10,000 box and the Banker’s offer slid to £450.  Again, Olly said NO DEAL.  At this point, the Banker offered a box swap (you never swap!), so Olly swapped his box for Box 14 which contained £10 – OUCH!

Let’s hope Olly’s run of bad luck is left firmly behind him as he edges closer and closer to the Grand Final.

Watch Olly’s Deal or No Deal game:

Olly Murs Singing to a FanX FACTOR QUARTER FINALS 2009 – Take That and Elton John

As the contestants begin to leave the show one-by-one, this week saw the first of the contestant double performances.  First up, Olly sang Take That’s “Love Ain’t Here Anymore”.  One girl in particular seemed to catch Olly’s eye as he sat at the edge of the stage and sang to her during the beginning of the song.  A smiling Simon could also be seen turning around to see who had taken his boy’s fancy!  A hit with the ladies, the girl smiled as she reached out and touched Olly’s leg.

A Smile for OllyAfter the performance, Louis said, “That song totally suited ya, and Olly, it is a talent competition and I think you deserve to be in the final three”.  However, Danni had mixed feelings giving hims props for singing a ballad, but she didn’t feel the sparkle was in his eyes.  Cheryl said, “it was really lovely actually, to see everything stripped away from you and just hear you sing”.  Simon went on to say that Olly emoted the song well and admired him for not sulking or complaining about last week, proving why he should be here. 

Olly Murs Singing Saturday Night's AlrightNext, Olly gave a very confident peformance of Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright”, belting out the vocals with a bevvy of sexy dancers.  Louis thought it was “an unusual song choice for you … there was something missing”.  Danni gave it the thumbs up commenting, “round one was okay, round two was an ABSOLUTE KNOCKOUT!” and Cheryl sharing the same comments with the crowd going crazy yet again with the “Olly! Olly! Olly!” chants.

Simon summed it up by saying, “… it was the Olly we’ve really loved from the beginning, back in the competition with a great song, great performance”. 

Unfortunately for Olly, the performances were not enough to automatically send him through to next weeks semi-final, and again, he was in the dreaded bottom two slot with Lloyd Daniels.  However, with the judges no longer having a say, the deciding vote was purely down to the public vote, and this week saw Lloyd leaving the show.


After 6 storming shows, Olly seemed to be on fire, improving week after week after.  However, this week was the first week that Olly would find himself in the bottom two at the fate of the judges or the public.

Olly’s song was George Michael’s “Fast Love”.  Olly put out a great dance routine for this week’s song choice, but didn’t seem to be as on top of things as in previous weeks.  There were a few tuning issues, but as the it came round to the judges comments, Danni was the only one to point this out saying, “The first half there were tuning problems”.  However, the rest of the judges got behind Olly and sang his praises with Louis saying, “You’re a very natural mover, there’s nothing fake about you, everything about Olly Murs is real”.  During Louis’ critique, one of the girls in the audience screamed, “OLLY, WE WANT YOUR BABY!”.  Cheryl went on to say, “You get your head down, you get the job done and you always come out and deliver”.  To round things off, Simon pointed out to Olly that “you are going to have no problem with the chicks when you leave this competition … you are turning into a really, really, really good fearless performer”.

Singing to win a position in the Quarter Finals, Olly went chose Eric Clapton’s “You Look Wonderful Tonight” with Jedward singing “No Matter What” by Boyzone.  Jedward have seen a rally of public hate against over the weeks which is ridiculous when you consider it has been the public that have voted to keep them in!  Having seen a couple of controversial decisions over the whole Jedward debate, it was almost as if they knew their time was up, and this week saw Danni step up to the plate to keep the deciding vote firmly within the judges control.  Danni opted to keep Olly in the competition and sent Jedward packing.

X Factor 2009 Charity Single - You Are Not AloneOn the results show of Queen Week, the 2009 X Factor finalists came out on stage to peform the brand new X Factor 2009 Charity Single, a cover of Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone”.  In a year which has seen the passing of Michael Jackson, the song was released to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.  All proceeds go to the charity, one of Britain’s best loved and indeed, best children’s hospitals in the UK.  Hat’s off to them all and let’s hope it gets to No.1 like the previous year’s X Factor 2008 Charity Single, a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” which managed to raise over £1m for the Help for Heroes charity.

The Great Ormond Street Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jane Collins said: “We really hope that the public will buy this recording so we can raise as much money as possible to allow us to continue to help sick children from across the UK get better.”

For more behind the scenes footage of visit the Great Ormond Street Charity - X Factor Charity Single.

Olly Murs Singing Don't Stop Me NowQUEEN WEEK

As we move closer and closer to the finals, this week featured hits from the legendary Queen with Roger Taylor and Brian May mentoring the X Factor finalists.  During the run up to the show, Olly had an unfortunate boxing accident during a scuffle with a punch bag.  Olly and Jedward were messing about with a punch bag when somehow, Olly managed to crack his knuckle by landing a punch on the metal bar instead of the bag – best stick to the singing Olly!

Undeterred and sporting a wrist guard on his right hand, Olly’s song for the night was “Don’t Stop Me Now”, sporting another of his favoured Fred Perry shirts.

The judges comments were yet again favourable with Danni saying, “I think you’re the best performer we have in the show by far” although she had concerns about the song choice swallowing up his vocals.  Louis went on to comment, “That was an electrifying performance … you are the person that everybody has to beat in the competition … you remind of little bits of Robbie, Gary Barlow, Will Young, but probably better”.

Next contestant to leave – Jamie Archer

Olly Singing Twist and ShoutMOVIE WEEK

Tonight’s show was Movie Week.  Without a guest mentor for the show, the X Factor finalists were treated to a night out at the premiere of Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” in Leicester Square’s Odeon Cinema, London.  Olly’s choice of song for the evening was “Twist and Shout” from one of Simon’s favourite film characters, Ferris Bueller in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.

Undoubtedly this was one of Olly’s best performances.  Olly belted out a strong vocal and put a modern spin on the dance routine with some of Michael Jackon’s “Thriller” moves.  We think it worked, but a moaning Louis Walsh tried to dig Simon out about the song choice for Olly saying, “Simon picked a really, really silly song for a great, great singer”.  How can Twist and Shout ever be labelled as a “silly song”?!  It has been covered by numerous artists over the decades including The Isley Brothers, The Beatles and The Mamas and Papas.  And it didn’t stop there – Danni and Cheryl chipped in with some comments about the Thriller moves, but the audience were clearly on Olly’s side as they began to rise up drowning out most of Cheryl’s critique chanting, “Olly! Olly! Olly!”.

What did you think?

Next contestant to leave – Lucie Jones

Olly Sings Come TogetherROCK WEEK

Screened on Halloween in the UK, tonight’s X Factor theme was Rock Week.  Sporting a slightly dodgy Barnet, Olly sang one of the Beatles classics, “Come Together”.  Accompanied by 4 female dancers, Olly put his own spin on the song and pulled off another solid performance.  Towards the end of the song, Olly ripped open his shirt revealing his hairy chest.  Not a cheap shirt either, it was a DSquared2 demin dress shirt, a step away from Olly’s usual Fred Perry.

The judges unanimously gave Olly the thumbs up again with Danni commenting, “Was that your move or Simon’s move” – in reference to his shirt ripping! – “I absolutely adore you … you are hot, hot, hot” (we think it’s safe to say by now that Danni likes Olly!).  Louis stated that Olly was, “still the dark horse in the competition, I think you’re in the final three” and his mentor Simon saying, “you are progressing better than just about everybody right now”.

Next contestant to leave – Rachel Adedji

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