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After 6 storming shows, Olly seemed to be on fire, improving week after week after.  However, this week was the first week that Olly would find himself in the bottom two at the fate of the judges or the public.

Olly’s song was George Michael’s “Fast Love”.  Olly put out a great dance routine for this week’s song choice, but didn’t seem to be as on top of things as in previous weeks.  There were a few tuning issues, but as the it came round to the judges comments, Danni was the only one to point this out saying, “The first half there were tuning problems”.  However, the rest of the judges got behind Olly and sang his praises with Louis saying, “You’re a very natural mover, there’s nothing fake about you, everything about Olly Murs is real”.  During Louis’ critique, one of the girls in the audience screamed, “OLLY, WE WANT YOUR BABY!”.  Cheryl went on to say, “You get your head down, you get the job done and you always come out and deliver”.  To round things off, Simon pointed out to Olly that “you are going to have no problem with the chicks when you leave this competition … you are turning into a really, really, really good fearless performer”.

Singing to win a position in the Quarter Finals, Olly went chose Eric Clapton’s “You Look Wonderful Tonight” with Jedward singing “No Matter What” by Boyzone.  Jedward have seen a rally of public hate against over the weeks which is ridiculous when you consider it has been the public that have voted to keep them in!  Having seen a couple of controversial decisions over the whole Jedward debate, it was almost as if they knew their time was up, and this week saw Danni step up to the plate to keep the deciding vote firmly within the judges control.  Danni opted to keep Olly in the competition and sent Jedward packing.

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