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Olly Murs is no stranger to television and once appeared as a contestant on Noel Edmond’s popular TV quiz show, Deal or No Deal.  Screened two years ago on Thursday 13th December 2007, Olly clearly showed early signs of that confident swagger we’re all so used to.  When his name was called out to come to the chair by Noel, Olly treated the TV audience to a few of his dance moves before giving them a flash of his boxers!

Despite his major success in the X Factor, Olly’s ride on the Deal or No Deal chair was not so smooth – he came away with a tenner!  However, despite the bad run of luck on the show, Noel said to Olly, “Every now and again we meet a special person on the show, and you do not have failure written over you … it’s been a real pleasure to meet you and I’m going to miss you Olly”.

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The Show

Olly made a good start by getting rid of the 50p, £1, £15,000, £3,000 and £5,000 boxes.  He then received an offer from the Banker for £13,500 which he NO DEAL’d.  In round 2, things didn’t go so well for Olly when he managed to reveal the £20,000, £100 and £50,000 boxes, but the Banker offered him the same prize money, £13,500; NO DEAL!

Turning things around in the third round he nailed a set of blue boxes: 10p, £500 and £5.  This time, the Banker upped his third offer to £22,000, to which Olly said “NO DEAL”.  As can sometimes happen on the show, Olly’s luck went from bad to worse and he went on an unsuccessful spree of hitting the big money boxes.  First the £250,000, then the £75,000 and £35,000.  Each time the Banker’s offer went down, from £3,500 to £1,000 when Olly knocked out the £100,000, £50 and £250.  Olly turned down the £1,000 Banker’s offer and only had the £10,000 laying somewhere in the unopened boxes.

By round 6, Olly was at break point as the £750 and 1p were revealed and then he hit the £10,000 box and the Banker’s offer slid to £450.  Again, Olly said NO DEAL.  At this point, the Banker offered a box swap (you never swap!), so Olly swapped his box for Box 14 which contained £10 – OUCH!

Let’s hope Olly’s run of bad luck is left firmly behind him as he edges closer and closer to the Grand Final.

Watch Olly’s Deal or No Deal game:

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