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Olly Murs Audition25 year old Olly from Witham, Essex was the final act up for the night on episode 4 of the X Factor audition shows.  The Essex geezer who worked in an office advising people how to save money on their energy bills is just like any other bloke in his 20’s.  He likes going out and having a good time, socialising with mates, playing football … and singing.

Olly’s stage presence was clear from the outset, with his cheeky persona and confidence casting a smile across the faces of Cheryl and Danni before he even opened his mouth!  When Louis asked him what his dream was, Olly’s response to the X Factor judges was a simple “to be a pop star, be famous, and sell records and be an international superstar.”

Once the bassline of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” kicked in and Olly started singing, one by one the judges faces lit up, with Cheryl saying “Wow” the minute he started dropping some of his trademark moves.  Olly had everyone in the audience cheering and standing on their feet clapping as he tore up the place with his soulful rendition.

There could only be one decision …

Cheryl – “You’ve got some soul in your voice haven’t ya Olly” … “a natural born entertainer”
Simon – “Olly I’ve got to tell you, I really really like you, er and you know what, you’re very, very, very cool” … “This is the easiest yes I’ve ever given”
Danni – “You have the whole package” … “Hear everyone in the room, 2000 yes’s!”
Louis – “You’ve got 4 yes’s”

Nice one Olly!

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