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Olly Murs Singing to a FanX FACTOR QUARTER FINALS 2009 – Take That and Elton John

As the contestants begin to leave the show one-by-one, this week saw the first of the contestant double performances.  First up, Olly sang Take That’s “Love Ain’t Here Anymore”.  One girl in particular seemed to catch Olly’s eye as he sat at the edge of the stage and sang to her during the beginning of the song.  A smiling Simon could also be seen turning around to see who had taken his boy’s fancy!  A hit with the ladies, the girl smiled as she reached out and touched Olly’s leg.

A Smile for OllyAfter the performance, Louis said, “That song totally suited ya, and Olly, it is a talent competition and I think you deserve to be in the final three”.  However, Danni had mixed feelings giving hims props for singing a ballad, but she didn’t feel the sparkle was in his eyes.  Cheryl said, “it was really lovely actually, to see everything stripped away from you and just hear you sing”.  Simon went on to say that Olly emoted the song well and admired him for not sulking or complaining about last week, proving why he should be here. 

Olly Murs Singing Saturday Night's AlrightNext, Olly gave a very confident peformance of Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright”, belting out the vocals with a bevvy of sexy dancers.  Louis thought it was “an unusual song choice for you … there was something missing”.  Danni gave it the thumbs up commenting, “round one was okay, round two was an ABSOLUTE KNOCKOUT!” and Cheryl sharing the same comments with the crowd going crazy yet again with the “Olly! Olly! Olly!” chants.

Simon summed it up by saying, “… it was the Olly we’ve really loved from the beginning, back in the competition with a great song, great performance”. 

Unfortunately for Olly, the performances were not enough to automatically send him through to next weeks semi-final, and again, he was in the dreaded bottom two slot with Lloyd Daniels.  However, with the judges no longer having a say, the deciding vote was purely down to the public vote, and this week saw Lloyd leaving the show.

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